This paper presents an open-source package developed in Python that controls and drives a programmable Josephson array to synthesize dc and ac quantum-accurate voltages. Programmable arrays are devices subdivided into independent subsections, each counting a number of series connected Josephson junctions that follows a binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, …) to control the output voltage. Our software allows to independently measure the current-voltage characteristics of each subsection by means of a set of arbitrary waveform generators and a nanovoltmeter that measures the voltage across the whole array with high sensitivity. A quantization test tool is also provided to check with sub-microvolt resolution whether the array is operating on its quantum margins. The code is modular and easily expandable with the support of many libraries, allowing prompt reconfiguration for different calibration and testing purposes. It is aimed at being a starting point for cooperation between National Metrology Institutes towards the realization of a shared quantum voltage calibration infrastructure.

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