Apache Zeppelin is a multi-purpose notebook that supports Data Ingestion, Data Discovery, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Data Collaboration. It was built to serve as the front-end web infrastructure for Apache Spark, allowing it to connect with Spark apps without the need for additional modules or plugins. The Zeppelin Interpreter is an excellent feature since it allows you to plug in any data-processing backend to Zeppelin. Spark, Markdown, Python, Shell, and JDBC are all supported by the Zeppelin interpreter. It provides two types of deployments for single and multi-users. The latest novelties in Zeppelin include: Zeppelin SDK, improved Spark Interpreter, improved Flink Interpreter, Yarn Interpreter Mode, Inline Configuration, Interpreter Lifecycle Management.

Some of the cons faced by the users include buggy UI, absence of support for some libraries, unfit for production usages, and limited options for visualizations.

To embark on the repository: https://github.com/apache/zeppelin

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