Visual field impairment affects more than 100 million people globally. However, due to the lack of the access to appropriate ophthalmic healthcare in undeveloped regions as a result of associated costs and expertise this number may be an underestimate. Improved access to affordable diagnostic software designed for visual field examination could slow the progression of diseases, such as glaucoma, allowing for early diagnosis and intervention. We have developed Specvis, a free and open-source application written in Java programming language that can run on any personal computer to meet this requirement ( Specvis was tested on glaucomatous, retinitis pigmentosa and stroke patients and the results were compared to results using the Medmont M700 Automated Static Perimeter. The application was also tested for inter-test intrapersonal variability. The results from both validation studies indicated low inter-test intrapersonal variability, and suitable reliability for a fast and simple assessment of visual field impairment. Specvis easily identifies visual field areas of zero sensitivity and allows for evaluation of its levels throughout the visual field. Thus, Specvis is a new, reliable application that can be successfully used for visual field examination and can fill the gap between confrontation and perimetry tests. The main advantages of Specvis over existing methods are its availability (free), affordability (runs on any personal computer), and reliability (comparable to high-cost solutions).

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