Clickhouse is a column-oriented database management system used for the online analytical processing of queries ( also known as OLAP). It allows the creation of tables and databases in runtime, loading data, and running queries without reconfiguring or restarting the server. With reduced disk IO, data locality, and compression, clickhouse is 100-1000x faster than traditional approaches.

Some of its distinct features include data compression with specialized codecs for excellent performance, disk storage of data, parallel processing on multiple cores, distributed processing on various servers, SQL support, vector computation engine, real-time data updates, adaptive join algorithm, data replication, and data integrity support, role-based access control, etc.

Companies like Yandex, CloudFare, Uber, eBay, Spotify have preferred Clickhouse owing to its performance, scalability, reliability, and security. On the contrary, the absence of developed transactions, lack of capacity to switch or delete inserted data with a high rate, low latency, and sparse index are the aspects that create a slight backlash for ClickHouse.

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