Cython is a static optimizer for the Python programming language. It also works well for the expanded Cython programming language that is based on Pyrex. It makes building  C extensions for Python as trivial as writing Python itself. Cython combines the power of Python with C to allow you to write Python code that can switch back and forth between native C and C++ code at any time. By introducing static type declarations in Python syntax, you can quickly optimize understandable Python code into plain C for performance. Using integrated source code-level debugging, you can identify your Python, Cython, and C code issues. You can build your apps quickly in the CPython ecosystem, which is broad, mature, and extensively used. The Cython programming language can also be referred to as a Python superset that allows you to run C functions and declare C types on variables and class attributes. This enables the compiler to build C code from Cython code that is very efficient. The prime drawback of using Cython is that Cython code can’t be reused independently, unlike pure C and C++ codes that can be used and reused separately from Python. Adding to that, the compiled output provided by Cython will never match the speed as high as hand-tuned C in all cases or even in most cases.

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