Trino is a distributed SQL query engine. It has the potential to query large datasets from numerous heterogeneous data sources. Trino was developed to address data warehousing and analytics, including data analysis, aggregation, and report generation. Online Analytical Processing(OLAP) is a term used to describe these workloads. Trino is a distributed query tool for effectively querying large volumes of data. You’re probably utilizing technologies that interact with Hadoop and HDFS if you work with terabytes or petabytes of data. Trino was created as a replacement for tools that query HDFS using MapReduce pipelines, for example, Hive or Pig.  However, Trino is not limited to HDFS access. It can be developed to work with various data sources, including conventional relational databases and alternative data sources like Cassandra. One of Trino’s current significant flaws is that if a query uses more memory than the cluster has available, the query will fail. Thanks to the granular fault tolerance capability, the query engine will retry a query to run it successfully rather than failing.

Refer to the Trino Open Source Repository Here:

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