Vespa is a low-latency computing engine for massive data sets. It indexes and stores your data so that queries, selection, and processing can be done on it at serving time. With application components housed within Vespa, the functionality may be customized and enhanced. Vespa empowers application developers to build backend and middleware systems that scale to handle large volumes of data and high loads without compromising latency or reliability. A Vespa instance is made up of several stateless Java container clusters and one or more data-storing content clusters. It allows us to create functionally rich and highly available apps that scale and perform to high standards without burdening with the significant low-level complexity. It enables developers to evolve and grow their applications over time without taking the system offline and avoid complex data and precomputing page schemes that result in stale data that cannot be personalized. This frequently necessitates complex queries to complete in real-time over data that is constantly changing. Vespa finds its applications in many use cases such as Text search, Recommendation, Personalization, Question answering, Semi-structured Navigation, etc.

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